I Can Finally Wear A Vibrator Around My Neck!

We are officially living in the glory days of technology. Forget flying cars. Crave just launched a new vibrator that you can WEAR AS A NECKLACE. Oh yeah, they also have one that doubles as a thumb drive. Screw the iWatch (pun definitely intended) – this is some wearable technology I could get excited about!


Crave: The Sexy Side of Wearable Tech

Part of me thinks this is totally ludicrous – I mean, who needs this?? But the other part of me is definitely going to pre-order one, because HELLO — it’s a wearable vibrator that is also actually a stylish piece of jewelry, and I love me some accessories.

Apparently you can also get these puppies engraved… now all I can think about are the best inscription options for something like this.

From Crave’s website:

Take your pleasure seriously. –Charles Eames

My brainstorming session:

The essence of pleasure is spontaneity. -Germaine Greer

Pleasure is the most real good in this life. -Frederick the Great

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. -Mae West

Well, you get the idea. I could go on and on. Come on ladies, who’s with me?? This is such a step up from those cheap vibrators disguised as tubes of lipstick or yellow rubber duckies. This is actually a piece of jewelry I would wear. Now, I have no idea what the power is like on this thing, or how its performance stacks up. But don’t worry… I’ll investigate and report back