This is me, trying to take the perfect selfie in my old office:

I am: loud, opinionated, honest, emotional, nontraditional, fiercely loyal, button & zipper-challenged, sometimes inappropriate, deeply flawed, sentimental, perpetually lost, rethinking my life plan at 30-something, and totally unapologetic about it all.

Been working in sales for big name Silicon Valley tech companies for years, and in 2016 decided to change literally everything about my life. Sold my condo in the Bay Area, and bought a 7 acre ranch on the Central Coast with my lumberjack future husband. We have chickens now. And a barn. And a view. And room to breathe. And 7 acres to manage – it’s bananas.

So now I’m learning how to live in the country, and trading in my heels for rubber boots. I still work in tech and travel often for my job, but I catch more chickens these days than cabs.



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