California Cruising

The California coast is honestly one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s worth reminding yourself of that when you start looking on and realize you can never afford to move out of your 750 square foot condo.

Gil and I recently decided to head north and go up Highway 1 for a weekend getaway. We did the same thing last year, and we both loved it so now it’s becoming a tradition. The drive is as much a part of the trip as the destination, as you cross the Golden Gate Bridge and then start meandering up windy roads to get to the coast.

sunny sea ranch

We were actually staying at the Sea Ranch Lodge this time around, and I would definitely stay there again. It’s a good location, and easy access to explore up and down the coast. We ended up trekking further north, all the way up to Point Arena, which boasts the tallest lighthouse on the west coast. It’s a must-see.


It’s more and more impressive the closer you get, and for $7.50, you can take the “self-guided” tour and climb to the top. We of course decided this was a good idea. I realized 10 steps up, it was in fact kind of a terrible idea. When you have a bum ankle and are totally out of shape, 144 winding steps is pretty aggressive. I made it to the top a few minutes behind Gil, not gonna lie.


Once I caught my breath, it was literally breathtaking. This was the perfect opportunity to force Gil into a selfie. Mission accomplished.


And the perfect outfit for a windy day on the California coast? Leggings with boots, a basic tank and a cozy sweater.


If you do decide to stay in Sea Ranch, be aware: you need to pack your own food. The restaurant at the Sea Ranch Lodge is the only food in a 15 mile radius, and while the view is beautiful, the food isn’t nearly as impressive, especially for the price.

sea ranch sunset

My suggestion? Drive 20 minutes north to Gualala, where there are at least 5 restaurants to choose from and a grocery store. My favorite? Bones Road House. I had the BEST BURGER of my life there.

bones burger

Then come back to Sea Ranch to open a bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset and the sounds of the waves.

night at sea ranch

This is a trip we’ll definitely be repeating, and hopefully I’ll have an ankle that’s healed more so we can hit some of the incredible hiking trails that surround this whole area. I took one last picture before we left, and the panoramic view is a good reminder of why I’ve stayed in California for so long. You can’t beat that.


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