Humor Matters

This is my life. This is a pretty standard picture of us. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I’m with someone who is as weird as I am and who makes me laugh every single day. So I decided to write down my top reasons why I believe humor is critical to a happy relationship (at least for me). This is what I have found to be true for myself and my own relationships.

We have fewer arguments.

Again, this is just what I have found to be true for myself. But when I am with someone who makes me laugh and who shares a similar sense of humor, we fight less. When things get tense, we can lighten the mood easily with a joke, or just point out each other ridiculousness. We both know how to laugh at ourselves, so it makes it easier to admit when one of us is being a little nuts.

Sex is way better.

This is one is pretty important. I truly believe that a sense of humor is critical for a rocking, screaming, mind-blowing, uninhibited, wake-the-neighbors kind of sex life. Why? Because if you have a sense of humor then it’s WAY less scary to try new things because you know your partner will be able to laugh about it instead of turning it into an issue.

Pull a muscle or bust your knee trying to contort into a new position? No big deal. Let out a fart at an inopportune moment? Whatever, stink-butt. On a quest to squirt and pee the bed instead? Grab a towel and laugh about it. Seriously, sex is so much better when you bring a sense of humor to bed with you, especially if you want to experiment with new things. You’ll need it (and maybe a safe word).

We have a stronger bond with each other.

Because humor plays such a big part in our relationship, we have created a stronger bond with each other over time. We have inside jokes, funny quirks and habits that are ours alone. When I growl at him from across the room, he finds it just as hysterical as I do. We genuinely enjoy each other’s company, and can entertain each other for hours. I’m talking about things NO ONE else would find funny, which is why I can’t even write the examples here because they wouldn’t translate. But we find them hysterical together, and it brings us closer as a couple.

We communicate better.

We don’t find ALL the same things funny, but we’ve spent time learning about the other person and figuring out what things they’ll appreciate. And because we’re constantly goofing around, fighting for the spotlight with each other (attention whores FOR SURE) and trying to get the other one to laugh, we pay close attention. We are more in tune with each other than we would otherwise be, and I think that makes us better communicators overall.

Life feels less stressful.

Laughter makes people happier. I’m pretty sure that’s science. Seriously though, if you have a relationship filled with laughter, life feels a little easier and the things that used to be so stressful become a little more manageable. I think this one is true for life in general though, not just relationships. If you surround yourself with people you can laugh with, you’ll be a happier person overall and be able to approach things with more positivity. And if one of those people happens to be a live-in boyfriend, well then SCORE.

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