4th of July Weekend – In Pictures

I’ve been lagging on getting a new post of up, but I’ve had a busy past few days. This is my 4th of July weekend in pictures. I will include some context as there is a little explanation needed…


First, I got a new tattoo. Everyone thinks it’s a 99, but really it’s open quotes… basically symbolizing that I am writing my own story and in a lot of ways, I feel like it’s just beginning.


Next, we spent the night of the 4th hanging out with Gil’s friends in their gorgeous newly remodeled backyard. Their neighbors all apparently set off a ton of (super illegal) fireworks every year and it was a very impressive display. Go team.


And finally, here is my double eyebrow or “clown hooker” look from the makeup artist certification class I took. You better believe there will be a whole post coming on this one, so consider this a sneak preview.

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