The Best Men I Know

It went like this. I had been spouting wild ideas for weeks about leaving the corporate world behind to become a makeup artist, or to buy property in Idaho, or to get an RV and just go on the road for a year, vagabond-style. Crazy talk, some of which I was only half-kidding about. I realized that every time I came home with another idea, Gil’s response was always, “Ok, let’s do it. I would follow you into the mists of Avalon.” He’s pretty great. And supportive. And adventurous. And loving.

At the same time, I was trying to figure out what to get my dad for Father’s Day. As I thought about what I wanted to say to my dad, and how he’s always believed in me and been there for me, I realized that the old adage is true… I wound up with someone just like my dad. And I consider myself incredibly lucky.

And so the other day, I sent Gil this (slightly rambling) email:

You are the best man I know.  Well, except for my dad… he’s pretty awesome. And in a lot of ways you are kind of like him. Some of them are big ways, like how much you would do for the ones you love, and some of them are just weird, like your mutual obsession with cozies. They say women always end up marring their father, and I always thought that was a little creepy. And what if your dad was a jerk or a deadbeat? Would you be doomed to marry a loser like that? Anyway, I’m glad my dad isn’t a tool, and I’m even gladder (more glad?) that I found you. Cuz you’re awesome. So I guess it’s not so creepy to think I’d end up with someone like my dad. Plus, it means you two get along so that makes life easier for everyone. What was my point? Oh, that you’re the best man I know, but with a caveat about my dad. You are equally as amazing as my dad.

And I love you. A lot. You kind of opened up my life in this way I didn’t even realize was possible. All this dreaming and planning and thinking about the things I want to do with my life… I’m pretty sure you were a catalyst for that. Or you were a catalyst for me being a happier, more complete version of myself, which was the catalyst for this whole existential crisis adventure/life exploration I’m experiencing.

So yeah, you’re pretty great. And you have good hair. Love you.

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